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Should You Work Past Age 65?

Some people choose to keep working past age 65, because they want to save a bit more money for retirement. Others got a late start with their careers. And then there are those who simply enjoy working, and aren’t ready to stop! Whatever your reasoning, you might be wondering about the consequences of continuing to work past age 65. Here’s what...

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5 Benefits of Being a Federal Employee

Most of us want to pursue a career that we enjoy, and where we feel like we’re making a difference. But pay and benefits go a long way toward career satisfaction as well! Here are five benefits of being a federal employee, that are not always enjoyed by private sector workers. Federal Employee Health Benefits program. The Federal Employee Health...

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Avoid this New Healthcare Related Financial Scam

According to the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association, con artists reap tens of billions of dollars each year through health care fraud. Many of these incidents can be traced back to Medicare. With its requirements to pay claims quickly, there often isn’t enough time to trace and verify each claim to be certain it is legitimate. One recent...

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3 Common Federal Employee Retirement Myths

One of the perks of federal employee retirement is that you do indeed have a lot of resources at your disposal. This can lead to some misinterpretations of what those resources are actually for. “I have plenty of time to plan”. When you were first hired, you completed a stack of paperwork. Some of those papers concerned your retirement benefits,...

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6 Ways to Waste Money in Retirement

We talk a lot about saving for retirement, but let’s shift gears and discuss what happens after you retire. How do you spend your money wisely? Budgeting is a complicated topic, and we can’t cover everything in one blog. But in general, we’ve found that many retirees make at least one of these common spending mistakes. Keeping the family home. Do...

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