What Did People Do, Before Social Security?

For many of us, it’s hard to imagine life before the invention of Social Security in 1935. Federal employees, like you, did have a retirement system in place beginning way back in 1920. Once the the FERS system was introduced in 1986, federal employee retirement plans included a greater measure of dependence upon Social Security. So, most of you reading this will one day rely upon income from Social Security… What did people once do, without it? One in...

How Does Divorce Affect Social Security?

We all know that divorce can make a deep impact on our financial lives, especially during the immediate time period surrounding the event. However, some people are surprised to discover, a decade or more after the divorce, that the consequences are more far-reaching than they had imagined! In particular, those who expect to claim Social Security spousal benefits should brush up on their knowledge of Administration’s rules. We don’t want you to be...

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