Curious what your income will look like once you retire?

Aug 25, 2020 | Retirement, Retirement Income

You’re not alone, and with retirement being around the corner, it’s time to take a closer look at the numbers. You’ve worked your whole life to get here, and you may be wondering if your financial situation will significantly change once you decide to leave the workforce behind. It might ease your mind if you knew how all the numbers break down.

Benchmark Financial Group recently sat down to discuss this topic. So what does monthly income look like for individuals entering retirement? David and Gary Raetz walk you through this question by examining what factors into gross and net income, the three significant considerations individuals must make before they retire, and FERS Retirement features you need to be aware of with a FERS retirement.

In this video, they will give you a detailed snapshot of what monthly retirement income can look like for a typical FERS Employee. Diving into the numbers, you will see all the various components that factor into what income looked like for an active employee and how that income is affected once they enter into retirement.

Additionally, you can learn about what reports you should be viewing and taking advantage of to stay on top of your financial situation. These useful tools are available to you, and Benchmark Financial Group lets you know where to access them.

So how do all the numbers add up?

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