Top Five Reasons You Need a Fed Focused Advisor to Guide You Through Retirement

Jan 3, 2022 | Federal Employee Articles, Newsletter Articles

Entering a new year has many people looking forward to the future and identifying milestones in the year ahead. If retirement is on your list in 2022, it’s essential to know what resources you need to guide you through the process. One of the most important resources to have is a Fed-Focused Advisor to guide you through the retirement process. Our last article discussed what to look for in an advisor and how to find this specialized advisor. In this article, we discuss the top five reasons why it is important to have a Fed-Focused Advisor.

1. Working with a general knowledge Financial Advisor may lead to unfavorable outcomes.
Perhaps you have worked with a general financial planner in the past, or you have a friend who recently retired, and they highly recommend one. There’s no harm in utilizing them for your retirement, right? Although they may be knowledgeable in investing, if they do not have experience with the Federal Retirement System, you may experience an unfavorable outcome. Federal employees have complex benefits, and having a Fed-Focused Advisor will allow you to reap the most benefits from your plan.

2. Most of a federal worker’s structured retirement plan differs significantly from private-sector workers.
As a federal employee, you face unique challenges to your retirement plan. While some general facts about retirement are true for everyone, most of a federal worker’s structured retirement plan differs significantly from private-sector workers. Working with just any financial advisor could backfire. Having an advisor that focuses specifically on Federal Employees will make you more confident in the plan you create because you will know they have taken all your unique benefits into careful consideration.

3. A Fed-Focused Advisor can help you identify unique retirement planning opportunities.
Since you are a federal employee, you will need to navigate an efficient income strategy that incorporates Social Security, your pension, and TSP. A Fed-Focused Advisor can design a distribution plan to help you avoid short-term mistakes and focus on long-term goals.

4. Help you prepare for tax liability issues.
Because your retirement benefits are a bit more complex than private-sector workers, having a Fed-Focused Advisor who is familiar with navigating the Federal Retirement System can help you adequately prepare for tax liabilities that you may not have been aware of otherwise.

5. Having a certified Fed-focused Financial Advisor helps you navigate each step of the Federal retirement process.
Nobody wants to be a guinea pig when it comes to retirement, and that’s what it may feel like if you work with someone who doesn’t specialize in the retirement of Federal employees. Our Financial Advisors are Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultants (ChFEBC) and Federal Retirement Consultants (FRC).  Planning for your future is such an important step, and you shouldn’t fear running out of money. Working with a Fed-Focused advisor, such as Benchmark Financial Group, will set you up for success by considering your personal income and growth needs.


If you have any questions regarding your federal retirement, Benchmark Financial Group is here to help. We will take a closer look at your financial situation because retirement may be closer than you think!  Schedule an appointment today with Benchmark Financial Group by filling out the form online or calling David Raetz at 913-534-8256 to discuss your financial needs.  Benchmark Financial Group is happy to help you navigate your options and determine the best path to move toward your financial goals.


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